GMP Certified Ayurvedic Medicines Exclusively for Eye Diseases

Matha Ayurveda Healthcare Private Limited (The medicine manufacturing company of Matha Ayurveda Eye Hospitals) is now GMP Certified.

GMP Certification is an internationally valid certification to ensure quality for the process and procedure adopted for manufacture of Ayurvedic medicines.

Matha Ayurveda Healthcare manufactures ayurvedic medicines exclusively for the patients of matha Ayurveda Eye Hospitals only.

Matha Ayurveda Healthcare is probably the only GMP Certified Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturing company manufacturing medicines exclusively for Eye Treatments.

The company manufactures only classical Ayurvedic medicines (Ayurvedic medicines that have been validated in Classical ayurvedic texts). Such medicines that have been validated in the classical ayurvedic texts are manufactured onlu using time honored manufacturing process and GMP Guidelines.