Throughout history, maintennace of eye sight and vision health have held prime importance in medicinal science. Various healing practices have been developed by people to ensure optimum health of this highly important human body sense. However, modern stressful lifestyle poses new and imposing challenges including several dreadful diseases which may even cause vision loss. Eye diseases like diabetic retinopathy, retinitis pigmentosa, macular degeneration, glaucoma, dry eyes, and several others are increasing day by day. Thanks to ancient Ayurvedic therapies, most of these diseases can be successfully cured today. Now one can improve visual quality with the help of Ayurveda eye hospital in Kerala. In fact, the ancient Ayurveda classic has a specialized branch of Ayurvedic Ophthalmology which contains successful treatments for diseases of retina and nerves.

Ayurveda Eye Treatment focuses on maintaining a balance of 3 doshas by several means. The chief treatment procedures include Tharpana, Nethradhara, Anjanam, Aschotanam, Nasya, Virechana, Shirodhara, Shirovasti, Pindi and Vidal aka. In addition to these therapies, nourishing Ayurvedic medicines are given to strengthen the whole system of the eye, right from the cornea to lens, retina, and optic nerves. Synergic use of Ayurvedic therapies with eye exercises and medicines help in strengthening of eye muscles, optimizes retinal function and corrects refractive errors. Ayurvedic treatments like Netra Bandhana, Thulium, Netra Putapaka and Netra Pindi in combination with eye exercises like sunning, palming, eye wash, candlelight reading,  ball exercises, steaming, and application of cold pack relaxes all the eye muscles, improves blood circulation in the eyes and softens and maintains the shape of the eyeballs.

Ayurveda eye treatment is tremendously reliable and secure, since they do not have any side effects. It is best to opt for Ayurveda treatment in Kerala for any eye disease and to help improve the quality of vision.