Dry eyes is a highly uncomfortable condition that arises when there is hindrance in the lubrication process in the eyes. There are three layers present on the surface – the layer of lipid, the layer of water and the layer of mucous. If there is a problem in even one of these layers of lubrication, the result is dry eyes. The symptoms can be very painful, including eye redness that persists, scratching and burning feeling, pain and irritation. It is important to treat this condition to preserve eye health. This blogpost will talk about ayurvedic treatment for dry eyes – regain excellent eyesight through ayurvedic treatment.
Ayurveda says that due to lack of nourishment to the eyes, they develop vata prakop which leads to dryness and improper lubrication. Here is a list of treatments that are done under Ayurveda that alleviate this condition.
  • Massaging the eyes with instilling triphala ghrit on them – Ghee is considered very nutritious, and its consumption can relieve many ailments. Massaging the eyes with triphala ghrit makes them absorb it, which can help experience relief from dry eyes.
  • Netra tarpan This is an ayurvedic procedure which is known to give immense relief to patients with dry eyes. Not only does it appease the irritation, but also provides nourishment to the eyes.
  • Honey – If you apply honey to the lower eyelid, it will stimulate the production of tears, which helps in cleansing the eyes.
  • Sipping boiled fennel seeds warmed down – About half a cup – helps a lot in dry eye pains and irritations.
Ayurveda has a treatment for everything, and has the potential to uproot the ailments.