Ayurvedic Treatment for Eye Floaters

Eye Floaters refer to those shapes (which may be small dark spots or any other shapes) seen by a patient floating in his or her visual field. These appear to be freely moving to the patient. For a normal person, one or two floaters are usually seen and ca be neglected. But Eye Floaters are also developed as symptoms of an ophthalmic pathologic condition.

Eye Floaters are usually seen, but not limited to the following eye conditions

  • Myopia
  • Dry Eyes
  • Degenerative Myopia
  • Thinning of the retina
  • Degeneration of the retina

If Eye Floaters are seen associated with headache, blurring of vision, pain, hypersensitivity towards lights etc., then the condition has to be considered seriously.

According to ayurvedic science, this condition is considered as a Vata Predominant Ophthalmic Condition. However, in certain stages or certain variations of the clinical condition, there may be an association of Pitta and/or Kapha also. Hence Ayurvedic treatment of floaters is actually for the pathological condition which develops floaters as a symptom. Many patients mistake ayurvedic eye treatments for floaters. The correct modus operandi for treating floaters in Ayurveda is to identify the disease that has caused floaters. Once this stage is done, then the actual treatment will begin.

At Matha Ayurveda Eye Hospital, patients with floaters undergo a detailed checkup at the hospital. This is started by a thorough initial assessment. It is followed by the diagnostics section. Finally, patients meet with the senior physician / Chief Physician. Here, the diagnosis of the condition that has caused floaters in confirmed. Next, a care plan is prepared for each patient individually. The treatments, medicines and dietary restrictions are explained to the patient. Patients are also explained the duration of treatment and the expected results.

Hence, ayurvedic treatment for floaters may vary from person to person even though they all complain about a common symptom – Floaters in the Eye.


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