About US

If you are New to the Policies of Matha Ayurveda Eye Hospital (Moongode), Kindly read On...

  • We Provide Ayurvedic Treatments for the Eye Only. 
  • This is a Small Hospital
  • Patients and their treatment are our first Priority. All other Factors are secondary to us. 
  • Do Not expect any Luxury either in Facilities of Services
  • Patients need to be prepared and Bystanders need to adjust with diet restrictions and eye rest during the treatment. 
  • We do not entertain to the needs of By-standers or Visitors. 
  • Price rise in raw materials and other components are beyond our control. They will influence the cost of treatment. 
  • Do not expect any additional consideration on the basis of nationality, religion, caste, social status, political background, or tips given. All patients are equal to us. 
  • Water/Electricity conservation and proper waste management are an integral part of this hospital culture. All inmates are required to follow them. 
  • Patient feedback and patient suggestions are very important to us. 
Kindly clarify all your queries / Concerns / and treatment costs before getting admitted.