Foreign / Outstation / Tourist Patients

This is for the information of  patients who intend to mix treatment with tourism:

  • The Hospital DOES NOT cater to "Guests" or "Customers". We treat "Patients" ONLY. 
  • This is a Specialty Ayurvedic Eye Hospital. We treat only Eye Diseases. 
  • This is a Hospital. Patients receive treatment. Do not expect "Hospitality" and related facilities.
  • Medicines prepared by this hospital are exclusively for the use of patients of Matha Ayurveda Eye Hospitals only. Medicines of this hospital would not be sold to other doctors / practitioners / patients not treated by this hospital. 
  • This hospital DOES NOT provide or arrange for any "Tourism" or related activities. 
  • Foreign Patients need to come on the appropriate VISA to get admitted at Matha Ayurveda Eye Hospital. Copy of Passport, Visa and two passport size photos need to be submitted by Foreign patients.