I.P Department

I.P (In Patient) Department

I.P Admission

  • Patient / Guardian of the patient should read, understand, and sign the informed consent form. 
  • Duration of treatment and expected results need to be clarified with the consulting doctor. 
  • Approximate cost of treatment and medicines need to be clarified from the reception. 
  • Patient and by-stand should understand the room facilities and services provided before admission. 
  • Patient and by-standers need to obey hospital rules and regulations. 
  • Only one by-stander would be allowed for one patient. 
I.P Room Types
  • Single Room Non A/C
  • Double Room Non A/C
  • Single Room A/C
  • Double Room A/C 
  • The Room rent rates are available with the reception. 
Level of Service
  • We offer two levels of service - Normal level and premium level
  • Details are available from the reception
Insurance Coverage
  • Cashless hospitalization facility is not available
  • However, reimbursement scheme is available for all major medical insurance schemes
  • Patients need to fulfill all formalities with insurance companies before admission. 
Billing / Payment Cycles
  • 50% of total estimated cost need to be paid as advance. 
  • Diet and Room charges should be settled weekly. 
  • Treatment and Medicines bills (remaining amount)  should be settled before discharge. 
  • We accept cash and bank transfer only