Ayurvedic Treatment for Keratoconus

The condition where the cornea of eye ball becomes conical is referred to as Keratoconus. The natural shape of the eye ball is spherical. Patients suffer from Keratoconus due to one of the following factors:
  1. Congenital – By Birth
  2. Acquired – Developed later after birth
The main reason for this condition is widely accepted to be the progressive thinning of cornea. The curvature of cornea of our eyes have an important role in refraction. It is this refraction that helps to focus the light rays on the retina and maintains the normal vision. Hence, defects in the shape will create visual problems. This condition CANNOT be corrected either with spectacles (glass) or contact lens.
According to ayurvedic science, this condition is diagnosed as the vitiation of Vata. This vitiation affects cornea. Hence, for ayurvedic treatment of keratoconus, Vata Samana treatment procedures are selected. The major milestones during the treatment plan of keratoconus from an ayurvedic perspective are as follows:

  • Strengthening the cornea, and hence to prevent it from bulging outwards. This step will help to maintain the normal shape.
  • Improving the functional capacity of the visual organ. This will include the nervous system, which will help to improve the vision.
To reach the above milestones, the methods followed in Ayurveda are described below :
  1. Internal Medicines – These medicines are to be carefully selected according to the condition of the patient and the clinical stage of the disease. The Dosha prakriti of the patient plays a vital role in the selection of the medicines, as does the habitual factors and the work load on the patient as part of the daily routine.

  1. External Treatment Procedures – For the treatment of Keratoconus, Aschotanam, Netra Tharpanam and Putapakam are the mainly selected treatment procedures. However, patients need to understand that medicines for the procedures are to be selected by an experienced ayurvedic ophthalmologist only.

  1. Practicing scientifically arranged eye exercises - These eye exercises help to keep the shape of the eye ball intact if practiced regularly.

The result for treatment is obtained as a combination of all the three steps.