Treatment Cost

The cost of Treatment can be estimated by the office section of the hospital after a patient completes the following steps :

  • A patient needs to undergo complete consultation (initial diagnosis, investigations and Senior Doctor's consultation). 
  • The required diagnostics as advised by the Doctors need to be completed and their reports need to be available. 
  • The diagnosis (Based on Ayurvedic Principle) is arrived at. 
  • A treatment plan is charted out by the Doctors. 
  • The treatment plan is given to the office (for calculation of cost of treatment).
  • The cost of hospitalization based on the treatment plan is conveyed to the patient. 

Details such as Expected results, Duration of treatment, types of treatments etc will be conveyed to the patient after the above steps are completed. 

Kindly note that the hospital DOES NOT provide Online or telephonic consultations. NO Queries relating to cost, duration, or expected results will be answered before the Diagnosis is completed and the current status of disease is evaluated.