Eye care and treatments for the diseases that affect your eyes come under Shalakya Tantra, which is the part of the eight branches of Ayurveda dealing with all diseases that affect all parts of the body above the neck region. There is a huge potential for Ayurveda in eye care as well as treatment. However, our modern lifestyle along with the stresses related to it, full time exposure to harmful pollutants and toxic airborne chemicals and frequent long hours of using computers and gadgets has greatly contributed in putting our vision health at risk and, in turn, leading us towards a weak eyesight at a young age. This has hit the world like a plague forcing more and more people to look for safe as well as effective means so as to preserve their eyesight, and, at the same time, cure their eye diseases if any. The targeted treatments and expertise that are offered by an Ayurvedic eye care hospital in Kerala can help in curing many eye diseases and provide you with a flawless and stress-free vision for longer time.

The best thing about treatments being offered by an Ayurveda eye care hospital in Kerala is that none of the therapies causes any side effects. Ayurvedic eye care hospitals in Kerala use nature based medicines and techniques for curing any kind of eye disease, may it be Shirodhara, Anjanam, Netradhara, Aschyothanam, Nasyam, Virechana, Putapakam or Netratharpanam. These therapies use the principles of Ayurvedic ophthalmology as well as are performed by highly trained doctors. The aim of all these therapies is to provide the patient with a permanent cure to their eye disease and long-time stress free vision.

If your eyesight lacks perfection, you can improve your eye sight through an ayurvedic eye hospital in Kerala.