Ayurvedic Treatment For Myopia & Degenerative Myopia

Short sight (myopia) has to be treated by identifying the root cause as per ayurvedic science. myopia normally develops from childhood. As the age of the patient increases, the problem also grows.

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Short sight (myopia) or short-sightedness can be roughly defined as the inability to see distant objects. The reason for this condition is a defect in the refraction. Due to this defect, light rays do not properly converge on the retina of our eyes.

Mechanical aids such as glasses, contact lens etc. are only supporting aids to this condition. It is like giving a walking stick to a person having pain in the legs. Supporting aids are not a solution to this problem. Short sight (myopia) has to be treated by identifying the root cause as per ayurvedic science. myopia normally develops from childhood. As the age of the patient increases, the problem also grows. The power of the glasses starts to increase. Hence, treatment for myopia has to be started as early as possible. The younger the age, the faster and better the results of treatment can be seen.

An example of effective management of myopia (short sight) in Ayurveda is given below, Matha Ayurveda Eye Hospital follows a medicinal approach to treat short sight. The ayurvedic eye treatment progresses in various phases as described below:

  • External Treatment procedures with appropriate medicines – Ayurvedic science has various external ophthalmic treatment procedures to improve the functional capacity of the visual organ. A few examples are nasyam, tharpanam, putapakam, aschotanam etc. Appropriate treatment procedures are to be selected based on the clinical condition and the dosha predominance of the patient. Every medicine has to be carefully selected considering each and every specific individual. These treatment procedures help to bring the refractive media of the eye to normal stage. This correction helps in controlling the errors in refraction.
  • Practising Eye Ball movements and Eye Exercises– Patients are required to practice scientifically arranged eye exercises that are aimed to produce certain specific eyeball movements. These eyeball movements help to maintain the flexibility and elasticity of the eye muscles. This, in turn, will help to maintain the curvature and structures and movement of structures within the eye in normal position.

Combination of all the above methods will bring good results to patients suffering from short sight. It should be noted that the above details are very generic in nature and will vary from patient to patient. Also, the details given are for simple short sight. There are other situations in which loss of vision can happen due to many other factors and the above details are not applicable in such cases. Also, the treatment in Ayurveda takes time and increase in vision does not happen overnight or within a few days.

At Matha Ayurveda Eye Hospital, the present clinical stage of the condition is diagnosed in detail during the initial assessment. Afterwards, the patient undergoes the diagnostic procedures required for his/her specific condition. Then, patients meet with a senior physician and the care plan as well as the expected result of treatments are explained to patients.

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