Nearsightedness is undoubtedly the most common of eye problems and is something that is only growing in prevalence each passing year. Lifestyle changes which see a shift from outdoor activities to excessive time in front of the television, computer and phone screens have caused a surge in myopia among children. The need for the eye to adjust and accommodate to the need of focusing on objects which are close to it causes the eyeball to elongate. However this leads to a condition where the eye loses its capacity to focus on objects which are at a distance. So you will begin finding it difficult to read the road signs properly from a distance or even figure out what the teacher I writing on the board (one of the more common ways to detect myopia in children). An ophthalmologist will treat myopia by suggesting glasses for you, contact lenses or a refractive surgery.

However, there are more than one ways of approaching a problem and seeking solutions to it- and that’s where the practice of Ayurveda comes in from. Ayurveda, or the ancient knowledge about life, claims to reveal the truth about how human physiology and human health work. It emphasizes the interconnectedness between an individual’s mental, emotional as well as spiritual being.

Ayurveda believes in biological energies called doshas that flow through the human body and mind, and explains the functioning of its mental and physical processes. These doshas, in turn are a derivative of the five elements of air, fire, water, space and other that constitutes each body.

Ayurveda would say that problems in vision signal an imbalance in the doshas. A problem of chronic cold or constipation is also said to make one susceptible to developing myopia.

Some remedies that provide Ayurveda eye treatment for myopia are-

  1. An ayurvedic therapy called Netradhara, where the eyes are cleaned with substances like clarified butter or herbal oils. After this, the eyes are washed with Triphala This therapy is great for nourishing and relaxing the eyes, strengthening eye muscles, improving eyesight and most eye defects including myopia.
  2. An eye drop which consists of cow urine, honey and neem leaves and using lukewarm clarified butter once a week to clean your eyes.
  3. Yashtimdhu powder mixed with clarified butter made from cow milk, to be had twice daily on an empty stomach.
  4. Triphala powder mixed with one glass water, which is to be kept overnight and had on an empty stomach in the morning. This helps clear constipation and also provides the eyes with useful nutrients.
  5. Regular eye exercises which help reduce eye strain, improves vision and overall eye health.

Apart from this, Ayurveda believes that exposing one’s eyes to the beauty of greenery, the morning sun and a healthy diet can go a long way in preventing and controlling myopia.