Ayurvedic Treatment for Astigmatism

Astigmatism is very common in children and young adults. It is a condition in which blurring of vision is the main symptom. In most cases, there will be headache also, especially while straining with the eye and while travelling. The reason behind this is some defects in the refraction. Normally, the light rays reaching the eye after passing through the refractive media should converge on a single point on retina to develop a visual impulse. Here, it is not happening due to the defect in the refraction in the light rays. So, Patients with astigmatism will be suffering with defective vision and headache.

According to ayurvedic theory, astigmatism is a condition having predominance of vata. When vata is vitiated, the conduction of light rays through the refractive media of the eye becomes defective. This medium may be cornea, lens or any other structure. So, the ayurveda eye treatment is mainly focused in normalizing the function of vata. For this, the following steps are implemented:

  1. Appropriate internal medicines which is mainly for normalizing vata.
  2. Practising scientifically arranged eyeball movements – Eye exercises (this may vary according to the clinical stage of the disease and the prakriti of the patient)
  3. Systematic treatment procedures as external medications

TAt Matha Ayurveda Eye Hospital, patients undergo a detailed initial assessment where the clinical stage of the disease as well as prakriti of the patient and all other relevant factors affecting the disease are assessed. Then, patients undergo a detailed diagnostic routine. After that, patients meet with Senior Physician / Chief Physician. A detailed care plan is fixed by the doctors, which contains details of treatments, duration, medicines to be used and expected results. Patients are explained about this care plan at this stage.


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