Before getting admitted..

Before Preparing for an Inpatient Ayurvedic Eye Treatment at Matha Ayurveda Eye Hospital, Kindly keep in mind the following points :

  • Patient undergoing eye treatment would be under strict eye rest. For a normal patient, activities such as reading, watching T.V, using computers, laptops or mobiles are considered as rest. But for an eye patient, it is not so. Such activities are strictly prohibited during treatment.
  • By-standers (person accompanying the patient) would need to strictly support the restrictions that are applicable to the patients. The basic quality expected of a bystander is to support the patient and hence please only select such people as by-stander who have that quality to accompany a patient.
  • During the treatment, patients would be under internal medications. Hence diet (food) supplied to patients would be supportive of the medications of the patient. At Matha Ayurveda Eye Hospital, South Indian Fixed menu veg diet, which do not hinder the internal medications are provided to the patients. Outside food, Junk food, fast food etc will not be allowed during the course of treatment.
  • For Entertainment, T.V, computer, mobiles, tablets etc are strictly prohibited. You may select music as an option and be prepared for it.
  • The hospital operates in areas with severe water shortage. Hence clothes washing is strictly prohibited inside the rooms. Patients may use the laundry services (outsourced to dhobi outside the hospital) provided.


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